Alleluu is dedicated to reaching the world for Christ.

Alleluu is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to reaching America and the world for Jesus Christ using social and online media. Our goal is to give everyone on earth multiple chances to accept Christ, and to see tens of millions of people come to Christ and grow in their faith.

21st Century Tools Reaching Millions.

The 21st century has given us incredible communications tools to reach people for Christ. Where in past centuries it could take years to reach even a single person in remote parts of the world, today we can reach millions — and billions — using the power of online media.

Worldwide Growth in Faith and Prayer.

Alleluu, with its roots in Silicon Valley, uses the power of social and online media to encourage prayer; to present the gospel; and to help people grow in their faith. Our team uses 21st century media to present Christ to people around the world.

2.6 Million Members Involved in Prayer.

Alleluu has two main areas of focus. One is in the US — seeing people in America turn to God. We sponsor PrayAmerica which is a social media community with 2.6 million members involved in prayer. In an average week we reach 3 to 10 million people with our messages shared through social media, and we have reached more than 50 million people during peak times of prayer. We use social media for online evangelism and have seen many people indicate decisions for Christ across the US through our online gospel presentations. Our heart is to see widespread revival across the United States with millions of people praying; millions coming to faith in Christ; and millions growing in their faith.

Hope with God Community.

Worldwide, we sponsor the website and the Facebook page HopewithGodPage. Over 16 million people are worldwide members of Hope with God, and they share with friends so tens of millions of people are reached. Every day we communicate encouraging Christian messages and give invitations to people to receive Christ. We also make Christian growth and discipleship resources available to people around the world, many of whom live in countries with limited access to Christian resources.